The Halfway Point

It’s the final countdown.
It’s the point of no return.
It’s the halfway point.

Thank god there are still 15 days left!

I took Friday night and most of today to solidify the holes in my plot. It is still dangerously close to the suck dragon after all. But I have identified crucial points of entry that I need to keep going with. I added more scenes today after reading an article that told me his solid number for a novel was about 100 scenes. Welp, I’m at 30. And I am well a third of the way there.

In addition, I made up for my Thursday – Friday energy pit brought on by sudden change in weather. (Snow in Michigan). Anyway, I’m at the halfway point for both word count and time, I caught up. So that seems good. Or at least great for me. I did see people in the forums at 70k already. And I went, no, you took a step back. You wanted to make sure that things were in order before you continued. I mean I could free write 70k no problem by now. (Maybe). But I don’t think I could stay within the scope or the topic range or the plot that I had created. There would be too much tangential crap to work with.

How else are you supposed to dance in a dress like that?

Here’s to the next 15 days.
It’s the final countdown.