The Editor Strikes Back

“No, I am your…Editor”
“That’s…that’s impossible!”

Someone please cut off my hand already.

Things were going great. Nano was going ok. And then I overwhelmed myself this weekend, studying, working, taking the GRE’s. Then yesterday, my editor reared it’s head and started ruining my progress with judgment.
I did write 17000 words.
Yes but how many of them will you actually use again.
Exactly my point.

My editor, like all editors, is cruel. She captures princesses and destroys planets in her wake. She does not know how to use the force yet, but she’s still training. She cut me down to size and she made sure that I had a very low word count yesterday. (Does writing two essays for the GRE count towards my WPD? Didn’t think so)

So today I’m swallowing my pride and I’m turning on Hemingway mode and I’m not looking back.

My editor will just have to wait till December.



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