A Mountain in a Month

Our Nanowrimo pep talk to day was from Veronica Roth, it spoke about how the process of a novel in November is a mountain and how the plot structure is also kind of like a mountain. A manuscript mountain. It is in a way a grand feat to force yourself to sit down. To look at the blank page or flashing cursor and to determine the next word.

She also talks about letting go of the process. Not being bound by being a plotter or a pantser (the analytical outline vs. the whimsical flight). This was exactly what I felt the week and month prior to my writing. I thought that I was going to have this elaborate plot map. I had started with the 3 x 5 note cards of varying color coordination. I mapped out each portion of the scenes. And then when November 1st session started, I chickened out. I hated the plot that I had created and although I’m veering back to it, I still abandoned my previous notions.

Veronica Roth also talks about the importance of getting desperate. Of the characters getting desperate, of the author getting desperate to reach the summit of Mount Manuscript. I’ve felt that anxiety of desperation but I have never been involved with something that actually allowed me to feel like I might be able to overcome my internal “perfectionist” editor bitch and just write. I am desperate to complete this thing – to win this. To allow myself the feeling of getting to 50,000 words and not stopping there.

In The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron asks god or God to take over the quality if she just produces the quantity.

The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel

  • Piet Mondrian

Straightaway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God.

  • Johannes Brahmns


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