Starting Off

I’ve taken a blood oath or at least I’ve clicked a few buttons online that have me signed up to write a little ( a lot for me ) during the month of November. To be honest, I haven’t written much since college, a diary here, a poem there, mostly thoughtless crap. However, recently I’ve gotten that urge, or at least that itch to scratch — that is to write. For anyone with the misfortune to read this drivel, I apologize — at least for a while. It takes a bit to get back in the swing of things.

For the past 3 years I’ve worked in tech. If you can’t say anything in two sentences, you might as well not say it. People have the tendency to stop caring and stop listening if you drone on. Say it. Move on.

This is however completely different from the approach to language and communication that you receive in any language arts course. I’ve been brought up to believe that the Strunk and White  had a want to limit any unnecessary language ( however if you believe that it tech there would be absolutely no documentation). But they really were just looking to eliminate all language that is filler. All language is technically unnecessary. Many people get around with noises gestures, emoji.

But back to my original point. I am committing in writing, to write. Each Day for a month and at least 1600 words per day. No matter what emotional tumult I find my self in. No matter what horrendous life scenario. No matter what we end up doing as a family for Thanksgiving. No matter what.

I’ve waited long enough to try to start again.


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